Having Fun in French Day Camp

Language Summer Day Camp Helps Prepare Children for Future Success

With summer right around the corner, parents are desperate for a solution to an age-old problem: “How do they keep their child’s mind developing, while still allowing them to enjoy the season?” Well, it seems that question has finally been answered by language day camps. Studies have shown, that exposing your child to second languages at a young age improves their cognitive development; increasing their academic readiness, and success in later years. Language day camps have seamlessly blended the dynamics of learning second languages from native speakers, and summer fun. They’ve done this simply by immersing young children in those languages while playing games, making crafts, and doing cooking activities. In this way children learn more than just vocabulary-they learn culture.

Since 1973, The Language Workshop for Children’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play. Language Workshop for Children camps blend Francois Thibaut’s enriching, time-tested method with immersion, emotional reinforcement, native speaking teachers, and stimulating activities. Thibaut Technique teachers incorporate melodies, colorful props, personal interaction, and laughter into each lesson. Students magically learn French, Spanish, Italian, or Chinese in a happy, boisterous environment filled with exciting, age-appropriate action games, humorous visual aids, and original vocabulary-building songs. All this is done while children make arts and crafts, have enriched play, Professor Toto time, bake, and enjoy costume days and celebrations.

The Language Workshop for Children knows that when you capture a child’s heart, you capture his mind. In the words of their founder, Francois Thibaut, “Children remember the words that make them happy.” When engaging children’s imagination, their minds are bound to remember all of the words and sentence patterns they’re hearing. Best of all, because campers are immersed, they start to think in a new language, and spontaneously construct simple foreign sentences—like magic.

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