Summer Camp-Like Enrichment – 3-9 years

Learning a new language through enriched play is the philosophy behind our summer programs. Children remember the words that make them happy so, at The Language Workshop for Children (LWFC) youngsters absorb French, Spanish, Chinese, or Italian easily through active play lessons, enrichment games, music, movement, fun visual aids, Professor Toto Time, arts & crafts, hands-on projects, story-time, celebration and costume days, baking, birthdays, charades, friends, laughs, and this summer’s new and original LWFC vocabulary building songs. Because children are immersed they acquire a new language naturally and quickly begin thinking in it, building sentences, and speaking it.

  • Flexible half-day scheduling, 2-3-5 day programs,
  • This Summer’s new and original LWFC Songs and More Workbook/CD Set,
  • FREE Summer Camp T-Shirt,
  • FREE Snacks (Goldfish and Spring Water),
  • Arts and Crafts and Project materials included.

Best of all, if your child's birthday falls during a week that he or she is in camp bring a cake (or cupcakes). We’d love to host a noisy birthday celebration!

Language camps vary per location:

New York City     French, Spanish, Chinese
Manhasset, LI     French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian
Montclair, NJ       French, Spanish
Madison, NJ         French, Spanish

We look forward to having your family with us this summer.

Please Note:  Before enrolling please call for availability and to place a 2-day hold. We regret that our online enrollment system cannot accommodate Summer Camp-Like Enrichment enrollments.