Learn How Your Child Can Learn A Second Language Fast And Easy

Learning a new dialect is often a process that people are quite excited about and carefully plan for. Parents are often encouraged to focus on this process when their kids are younger to ensure that fluency is much more productive and viable later on in life. When considering foreign language classes for children NYC parents […]

The Language Workshop For Children Offers Summer Camp Programs

The Language Workshop for Children ( http://languageworkshopforchildren.com ) offers a variety of languages and schedules with a summer day camp atmosphere. Children from ages three through nine are accepted into programs.  PRESS RELEASE: New York, NY, 17-JULY-2013 – The Language Workshop for Children and director/founder, Francois Thibaut, are pleased to announce foreign language classes for […]

How to Develop an Honor Role Toddler

Parents and caregivers may not know, but their behavior in Parent-Toddler classes has a tremendous effect.  Let me tell you a story.  Isabelle was the star of one of The Language Workshop for Children’s 6M-3Y French for Tots classes.  Every week she and her mother breezed in with a cheerful smile and wished everyone a […]

What are the advantages of having my child learn a second language at an early age?

The world economy is thoroughly interdependent. No country can produce all the goods and services it needs to exist autonomously. So children who learn multiple languages today have the best opportunity to become business and political leaders tomorrow. And foreign languages aren’t just foreign anymore. Domestic US employers will continue to value employees who can […]