How to Use Our Online Enrollment Portal

We have changed our Enrollment process in hopes of making it a more seamless process for our current and new students. Please read the information below to learn how to find the right class for your child!

How to Find Your Regular School Year Class & Enroll Online

  1. Choose your location from the "Class Schedules and Enrollment" dropdown above,
  2. Choose your class type (Parent/Child, Classes for Children or Private Lessons),
  3. Choose your class from the available options,
  4. Click Register next to the class you wish to enroll in and fill out all required fields,
  5. Once one of our staff processes your enrollment, you will receive an email confirming your class and your final tuition cost (including any discounts). Your credit card will not be charged until we have adjusted the tuition on our end.

How to Enroll in Our Summer Programs

  1. Choose your first week in the class listing and it will take you to the online enrollment form,
  2. Choose “Select Another Class” on the enrollment form,
  3. On the pop-up window, click the search icon (magnifying glass) on the upper left hand side and choose “Summer 2017” as the session,
  4. Click on the week you’d like to add, and it will add it to your registration,
  5. Repeat for all additional weeks you would like to add. Tuition will be calculated manually based on the amount of weeks chosen when we process your enrollment online.

You may also call our offices at 212-628-2700 to enroll by phone for any of our classes.

The LWFC’s policies (such as our early enrollment/re-enrollment discount deadlines and refund/school credit deadlines) may be found on page two of your Enrollment Form or by clicking the Policies link beside the applicable location/program/session below. NOTE. For Fall-Winter-Spring School Year Classes, Family Preschool, and Camp-Like Enrichment Programs the LWFC grants refunds up until a month before your first day of class and a School Credit up until two business days before your second enrolled class. We charge a $25 class change and a $50 withdrawal fee. We charge a $10 per enrollment registration fee.

NYC TOTS PARENTS: The LWFC’s NYC Main location classrooms are situated on a second floor accessed up by a flight of stairs. The LWFC makes an employee available to help manage strollers. Please help up keep our entrance clear and safe by (1) bringing a lightweight, foldable stroller, (2) carrying (or allowing the LWFC to carry) your stroller upstairs; and (3) not leaving your stroller open in the entranceway vestibule.

Please be sure to read the full policies pertaining to your location/program/session and call 212-628-2700 with any questions.