Languages for Children (3-8Y) | 45M, 1, 1½, or 2 Hours | LWFC Songs & More and LWFC Storybook Included

Expose your child to a foreign language’s unique sounds, native pronunciation, word meanings, and sentence forms while he or she’s still absorbing his first language. Capture a youngster’s prime time to learn a new language – those years that neurolinguist Eric Lenneberg dubbed the early “opportunity years.” LWFC classes, camps, and preschools blend Francois Thibaut’s enriching, time-tested method with immersion, top-notch materials, emotional reinforcement, native speaking teachers, and stimulating activities.

Languages for Children students are toilet trained, ready to separate. and attend class by themselves.  This age is often divided into two age groups: 3-5Y and 4-8/9Y, so please check your local schedule.

Students magically absorb their new language in a happy, boisterous immersion-rich environments filled with exciting, age-appropriate action games, humorous visual aids, original vocabulary-building songs, sentence building stories, enriched play, new friends, and lots and lots of laughter. Because ages 3+ are fully verbal, Children’s classes are vocal and animated. And because that age is fully aware of their peers, they love interacting with each other.

Older groups are ready for complex phrases and full sentences, introduced through LWFC stories and dialogues, as well as the LWFC songs. Because they’re constantly engaged in rapidly changing activities, class time goes by fast. All Children’s students get a new Songs & More Workbook/CD set every session, a brand new LWFC Storybook too.

Since 1973 The Language Workshop for Children’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play.  Thibaut Technique teachers blend laughs, emotional support, melodies, colorful props, and personal interaction into every lesson. When we capture a child’s attention and imagination, they absorb all of the words and sentence patterns that they hear. Every week students experience a mix of familiar routines and new songs, words, and phrases to help them build French, Spanish, Italian or Chinese fluency. And because youngsters are immersed, they start thinking in their new language, articulating it, and spontaneously constructing simple foreign sentences.

Create a bilingual child at The Language Workshop for Children.

Languages vary per location, but the Language Workshop for Children’s French for Children, Spanish for Children, Chinese for Children, and Italian for Children classes are offered in New York City; Madison, Montclair, & Ridgewood New Jersey; and Manhasset, Long Island.