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With international business opportunities increasing every day, parents nationwide are looking for quality early language training for their children. In many areas the demand for an effective language method far outpaces the supply, this ends with the LWFC’s licensing opportunities.

The LWFC is accepting individuals interested in providing LWFC-quality instruction in their communities. By partnering with the LWFC (you recruit the students and the LWFC delivers its method, materials, name, background, trademarks, experience, and guidance) you are positioning yourself to be far more successful than starting from scratch with an unproven children’s language program. LWFC licensees do not need to speak another language. If you do have native-fluency in another language you are welcome to teach yourself, or otherwise act as program manager and hire French, Spanish, Chinese, or Italian speakers to teach for you.

Because the LWFC has a real method, our acclaimed Thibaut Technique®, parents will discover just how much their children will retain from a program which promotes learning through games and songs. As Founder/Director Francois Thibaut says, “subtle details make all the difference.”

As a LWFC licensee you gain,

  • A proven method – Thibaut Technique Teacher Training
  • Affiliation with The Language Workshop for Children’s trademarks such as the Language workshop for Children, French for Tots, Chinese for Tots and many more trusted brands
  • Classroom- and tutor-tested workbooks and materials for children of various ages
  • Currently, we are supporting our licensee program with teaching materials for Spanish, Chinese, French, English (ESL), Italian and German.
  • Storybooks and songbooks filled with original vocabulary-rich songs, language expressions and fun illustrations
  • Teacher materials along with teacher support and mentoring
  • The Award-winning Professor Toto materials
  • Digital brochures and materials such as our Parent’s Guide
  • Our detailed Licensee Guide
  • Opportunity to advertise your program and profile on our website (Launch date in 2017)

When it comes to teaching children a second language, subtle details make all the difference between the child who retains what they’ve learned for life, and a child who forgets it all in a few weeks. We welcome people who are committed to providing excellent-level language curriculum. Become a LWFC Licensed Distributor in your community.

Go into the market with the LWFC’s premiere name, method, tradenames, and four decade reputation behind you.

For more information on becoming a LWFC licensee please fill our the form below or call us at 212-628-2700. We will be happy to answer any questions you have or provide additional information.

We look forward to helping you start your LWFC-quality children’s language program in your community!

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