Immerse your child in French, Spanish or Chinese with SONGS, GAMES, MUSIC & MOVEMENT and more!

tots-summer-2LWFC summer tots programs blend Francois Thibaut’s enriching, time-tested method with immersion, top-notch materials, emotional reinforcement, native speaking teachers, and stimulating activities such as:

  • Language immersion activities to absorb the new language,
  • Tactile props and visual aids to develop motor skills and coordination,
  • Teacher-child interaction to build social skills,
  • Free LWFC Songs & More workbooks / CD set.

The Language Workshop for Children’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play. Part of the LWFC’s Thibaut Technique® magic is their special teacher training where instructors are taught to blend emotional support, smiles, warmth, language-rich melodies, child-friendly props, routines, stories, and one-on-one interaction. The LWFC knows how to capture a child’s imagination; so that children truly learn all of the words and phrases that they’re hearing and practicing.

Best of all, every session each student is handed a new LWFC Songs & More Workbook/CD Set filled with 10-12 language-rich melodies to sing and help them remember their new vocabulary, phonetics, and sentence patterns

Create a bilingual child at The Language Workshop for Children.


Tuition – Attend More & Save! Once a Week Starting June 20th • 10:30-11:15am
4 Weeks 178
5 Weeks 223
6 Weeks 267


ENROLL ONLINE or by phone 212-628-2700

Step 1: Choose your first week below and it will take you to the online enrollment form.
Step 2: Choose “Select Another Class” on the enrollment form.
Step 3: On the pop-up window, click the search icon (magnifying glass) on the upper left hand side and choose “Summer 2017” as the session.
Step 4: Click on the week you’d like to add, and it will add it to your registration.
Step 5: Repeat for all additional weeks you would like to add (minimum of 4 weeks). Tuition will be calculated manually based on the amount of weeks chosen when we process your enrollment online.