Language Workshop for Children offers three types of classes.

Parent and Me is for classes where parents or caregivers attend with the child, and is for children under 3 years old.
Languages vary per location, but our Parent and Me programs include: French for Tots® | Spanish for Tots® | Chinese for Tots® | Italian for Tots®

Children’s classes where the parent or caregiver does not attend and is for children 3 years and older.
Languages vary per location, but our separation programs include: French for Children | Spanish for Children | Chinese for Children | Italian for Children

Private Lessons for students of all ages who need individual attention.

Which type of class/location is best for you?

LWFC Eastside • 888 Lexington Ave at 66th St.

Parent/Child Classes Classes for Children – Eastside Private Lessons

LWFC Westside • 2067 Broadway #51 (Fl 5), at 71-72nd Street

Classes for Children


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