Language Workshop for Children offers four types of classes in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Parent and Me is for classes where parents or caregivers attend with the child, and is for children under 3 years old.
Languages vary per location, but our Parent and Me programs include: French for Tots® | Spanish for Tots® | Chinese for Tots® | Italian for Tots®

Children’s classes where the parent or caregiver does not attend and is for children 3 years and older.
Languages vary per location, but our separation programs include: French for Children | Spanish for Children | Chinese for Children | Italian for Children | Summer Camp-Like Enrichment

Preschools Language Immersion Preschools for students 2.1-4
Languages and days vary by location, but our preschool programs include French Preschool | Spanish Preschool | Chinese Preschool | Italian Preschool | Alternative Preschool

Private Lessons for students of all ages who need individual attention.

Which type of class is best for you?
Parent/Child Classes Classes for Children Private Lessons
Language Immersion Preschools Summer Camp-Like Enrichment (3-8Y)


Multi ethnic children