Our Approach – the difference is in the method

Our Approach The Language WorkshopThe Thibaut Technique® was pioneered by The Language Workshop for Children’sFounder/Director François Thibaut in 1973, you may find our approach a little different than other lessons. His method combines carefully structured curriculum and a child’s innate love of play. LWFC structured playgroups let parents capture the window of opportunity years when children possess their greatest capacity to absorb and retain language.

Just because a program uses foreign songs and games doesn’t mean
kids are learning. The difference is in the method and the materials. Each LWFC teacher is personally trained and supervised by Mr. Thibaut to use his educationally effective technique, proven since 1973. Children’s minds are engaged in animated classes that systematically use original LWFC songs, games, time-tested visual aids, and lots more. François Thibaut works with professional composers to develop the award-winning vocabulary-building songs produced by The Language Workshop®. These happy songs allow a child to learn a language’s distinct sounds and grammar, teach relevant vocabulary, and give kids an easy way to practice their new language.

Each new session every student receives a fresh song CD tucked into a colorful, professionally illustrated and printed Songs and More™ workbook to take home, practice with, and collect keep. The LWFC’s Songs and More series is available exclusively through the The Language Workshop for Children®. Since the melodies and the words change every session students constantly acquire and build upon their inventory of language skills.

With The Thibaut Technique®, kids learn naturally, not by translating. First they hear, then they understand, and finally they speak.

Hear Understand Speak
At The Language Workshop® children are immersed in their new language through native speakers and learn to speak with an excellent, “business standard” accent. Classes are limited in size, so each child can be nurtured and encouraged and feel less self-conscious. By studying foreign language, children learn the Latin roots — vital in order to achieve competitive SAT or ACT verbal test scores.


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