Who Can Benefit from Private Lessons?

  • Children of all ages who, for various reasons, don’t acclimate well to playgroup environments;
  • Students who are too advanced for the average Children’s Beginner or Intermediate-level class;
  • Older children who need special attention in order to build confidence and skills, and develop their ability to begin holding a basic conversation;
  • Children who are already conversant in a foreign language, and want to learn how to read and write;
  • Families who prefer having their child(ren) taught at home. (At-home lessons, NYC only);
  • Students of all ages who need coaching to prepare for testing or want to raise their foreign language subject area grade point average.
Tuition for Private Lessons on Location Using the Thibaut Techique®
45 Minutes 60 Minutes
5-9 Hours $75 $95
10-19 Hours $72 $90
20-29 Hours $70 $85
30 + Hours $65 $80
The rates above apply per child. An additional child is welcome to join a private class at a premium of 25% per child, per class.
If you would like to discuss a private class for a small group of children, please call the LWFC at 212-628-2700. We’re happy to accommodate your request.


How to Enroll

All of our on-location private lesson packages are made by the hour, with distinct price advantages the more hours you purchase. Our Skype classes are conducted in packages of 30 minute lessons only. Class dates and times can be planned to fit your schedule’s needs.

Due to the nature of Private Classes, we request that you call the LWFC at 212-628-2700 to schedule your lessons so we can work out a schedule that works for both the student and teacher.