New York City Summer Tots Programs (6M-3Y) 45 Minutes & Summer Camp-Like Enrichment (3-8Y) 3 Hours | LWFC Songs & More Workbook/CD Set Included | French, Spanish and Chinese

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New York City Summer Languages for Tots® (6M-3Y) New York City Summer Camp-Like Enrichment (3-8Y)

LWFC Summer Camp – Like Enrichment Classes are Small so Your Child Gets More Attention!

Expose your child to a foreign language’s unique sounds, word meanings, and sentence forms while he’s still learning his first language. These are a child’s prime years to acquire native pronunciation and build understanding — the age that neurolinguist Eric Lenneberg dubbed the “opportunity years.”

LWFC summer camps blend Francois Thibaut’s enriching, time-tested method with immersion, top-notch materials, emotional reinforcement, native speaking teachers, and stimulating activities. Students magically learn French, Spanish or Chinese in a happy, boisterous immersive environment filled with exciting, age-appropriate action games, humorous visual aids, original vocabulary-building songs, arts and crafts, hands-on projects, enriched play, Professor Toto Time, costume days, celebrations, baking, and the LWFC’s famous vocabulary-building songs.  And if your child’s birthday falls during a week that he’s in camp, let us know. We’ll get all of the campers together to sing Happy Birthday! (Just send a cake or cupcakes, and we’ll do the rest.)

Since 1973 The Language Workshop for Children’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play.  Thibaut Technique teachers blend laughter, emotional support, melodies, colorful props, and personal interaction into every lesson.  The LWFC knows that when you capture a child’s heart, you capture his mind. When we have a child’s imagination, his mind’s bound to remember all of the words and sentence patterns that he’s hearing. So each week LWFC campers experience a mix of familiar routines and new songs, words, and phrases to help them build second language fluency.  Best of all, because campers are immersed, they start to think in a new language, and spontaneously construct simple foreign sentences — like magic.

LWFC Summer Camp-Like Enrichment is for children aged 3+ who are toilet trained and ready make new friends.  And because they’re fully verbal, camp groups are vocal, animated, and the kids have huge fun interacting with each other.

Summer Camp-Like Enrichment is currently only available in Manhattan, please view our class schedules or call 212.628.2700 for full details.

New York City Summer Languages for Tots® (6M-3Y) New York City Summer Camp-Like Enrichment (3-8Y)